Testimonials for Larry and his Work

Political Consulting
LR Lanier Associates, LLC

Larry Lanier is an experienced, professional, expert in public policy and advocacy.  He leaves no stone  unturned and won’t stop until the work is done no matter the challenge.  We are delighted to have him on our team. 

Liz Helms, President & CEO
California Chronic Care Coalition
Chronic Care Policy Alliance


I had the privilege of working under Larry early in my career, and much of what I learned from him I still use today. I was always impressed with his strong grasp of complex issues, and ability to explain them in a succinct and understandable way. His passion and drive to succeed is second to none. I have seen him lead groups through exercises on how to strengthen their associations and his expertise shines through. His vast experience in association management and development and lobbying in state capitols across the country would be an asset to any organization.

Robb Bohannon
Director, Government Affairs
Hunton & Williams LLP
Richmond, VA


I have known Larry Lanier for years. I was Chief of Staff for the National Patient Advocate Foundation when Larry started as Vice President of State Government Relations. He is a high energy person who is committed to outcomes. Larry worked tirelessly to improve the lives of patients suffering from cancer as well health policies that challenged their ability to get better. Larry works tirelessly because he truly cares.

Rene Cabral-Daniels
Patient Advocate


Over the past three years, I participated in multiple sessions of advocate training, ranging from beginner to advanced, that were created and run by Larry Lanier. Larry was skilled at keeping the training on track and the participants engaged. Even though I practiced law for 12 years as a litigator, I still found this training, especially the mock role playing of Senate Committee Meetings, extremely valuable in helping me to be a more effective advocate. It gave me the opportunity to hone my skills with constructive suggestions for improvement. In addition, these sessions taught me much about the legislative process and helped me to gain a level of comfort for the real world experience. I also really appreciated the interaction and networking with other volunteers.

Cynthia Buness
Patient Advocate


When I was the Associate Executive Director of the American Academy of Dermatology, I had the opportunity to work with Larry when he served as Director of State and Grassroots Affairs.  Larry built this program from the ground up and he brought his tireless energies to bear on achieving specific legislative goals and enhancing the grassroots operation for AAD.  AAD’s reputation as a leader in state advocacy was greatly enhanced due to Larry’s efforts.

I have also worked with Larry while he served as President of the National Patient Advocate Foundation.  Larry is recognized as a national leader in the area of patient advocacy and has worked with other organizations on how they can effectively work with patient groups. Larry is committed, talented and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to continuing to work with Larry in the years ahead.

John Barnes
Barnes Association Consultants


I have known Larry for a number of years as we have both worked for patient issues.  During that time, I have been impressed with Larry's leadership skills and his even tempered dealings with various personalities including some very abrasive individuals!!

I have attended two of Larry's advocacy training sessions that deal with an advocates interchange with legislators.  These sessions were well planned and carried out in the most professional manner while imparting significant information to the advocates.

Larry's knowledge and past experience in this area as well as his past experience as a lobbyist makes him an extremely well qualified person to carry on this training which would be valuable even to the most experienced lobbyist or advocate.

Kermit Heid
Patient Advocate


I’ve known Larry for over 30 years.  He’s a seasoned professional with a proven track record as a government relations, grassroots, and public affairs consultant, working with elected officials, legislative staff, and professional associations.  

He has an excellent working knowledge of the legislative process, has successfully forged coalitions, and has expertise in developing and implementing strategies for passing or defeating legislative proposals, specializing in health care.

Christine P. Fisher
President, Creative Political Foundations, Inc.


I have known Larry for five years in my role as a patient advocate. Larry was instrumental in our efforts in Tennessee regarding oral parity for anti-cancer medications, and other important patient protection legislations. Under Larry’s tutelage I was positioned as student, trainer and a volunteer leader with National Patient Advocate Foundation/Patient Advocate Foundation. I applaud Larry’s dedication and deep commitment to hard work while promoting a healthy and positive environment in health care and patient advocacy

Faye Hollowell
Patient Advocate
Cordova, TN


I first met Larry Lanier the day we testified together on the Oral Parity Bill in the Michigan House almost a decade ago. Working as a nurse-patient advocate with the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) and the Oncology Nursing Society I had little or no preparation to testify, yet by the time I spoke to the House Health Policy Committee - that same day, Larry had worked with me to develop the confidence I needed to make the case that patients and oncology nurses needed and entrusted me to communicate. We continued to work together on this legislation over the years and Larry worked closely with all NPAF volunteers to change the landscape of cancer care throughout the states. Larry worked with NPAF volunteers to develop an unprecedented health policy advocate core curriculum. This program was the first advocacy training that spoke to volunteer passion and health policy practicum. As the volunteers matured and the volunteer corps grew we knew that when reaching out to Larry we would find support and the voice of reason. He was always only a phone call away. There are so many factors of health policy that defy textbook and these factors vary from state to state. Larry and his knowledge base was that touchstone that the volunteers could rely upon to assist us in navigating those diverse cultures. We could trust Larry’s insight and leadership direction.

Susan Wozniak
Past President, American Nurses Association - Michigan
and Patient Advocate


I have had the good fortune to work with Larry Lanier for the last seven years. I have always been impressed with Larry’s dedication, insight and his fervor in tackling tough patient advocacy issues. His ability to convey his points and agenda with efficacy to laymen and professionals alike has always amazed me. He is a fantastic orator and communicator the likes of which are rarely encountered. Larry has helped me personally to understand how to be a better advocate and especially, how to lobby on behalf of issues of importance to me and mine. Larry is a leader extraordinaire and I’ve no doubt in his ability to exact positive outcomes in whatever his goals are.

John Thomas Saul Thompson BSN, RN
Patient Advocate